About Me

 I am an independent artist based in Seattle. Since creating work around the city and traveling around the world I have had the opportunity to meet and engage with multidisciplinary artists and people with various arts backgrounds. I create a form of informative entertainment that crosses art disciplines and is made accessible to a wide demographic so that an audience can connect with the subject matter on a honest and visceral level. My work seeks to inform audiences about various social issues including race, gender, and sexual orientation.  As a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I received my BFA in dance from The University of the Arts. I worked with Donald Byrd and Spectrum Dance Theater for five years performing various lead roles as a principle company member. A couple of my featured roles included the Interlocutor in Donald Byrd’s The Minstrel Show Revisited and the Carnival Boy in 5th Avenue Theatre’s production of Carousel. I have performed with Pennsylvania Ballet as a guest artist, the Houston Grand Opera, and with Liz King’s D.ID in Austria, where I toured extensively throughout the country. In the spring of 2017 I  co-produced, directed, and choreographed my full length show MILLENNIALS which focused on cultural appropriation and gay culture within the Millennial generation.

Photo: Nate Watters